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Massachusetts Warehouse

SITE SIZE: 26.09 acres
CEILING HEIGHT: 24’ –30’ clear
LOADING DOCKS:23 plus 4 rail doors (three-sided loading)

Easy To Install

Easy installation involves providing clear and concise instructions with visual aids to guide users through the process. Products feature a modular design, allowing for simple assembly or connection without complex configurations. Components are designed with user convenience in mind, often incorporating features like color-coded connectors or labeled parts. You can install the product step-by-step video guide. Instructions are included in the package.

Eye Comfort

2700K natural light, which emits a warm and soft white glow, is believed to be soothing and relaxing before sleep. This color temperature doesn't irritate the eyes and can promote a calm mood. Bright and cool light in the evening may disrupt sleep patterns, but warmer lighting like 2700K is considered less stimulating and can support better sleep quality. Individual preferences may vary, so it's important to listen to your body and create a lighting environment that promotes your personal comfort and restful sleep.

Keep Your Home Modern

The anodized aluminum body of the product provides a sleek and silky smooth look. The anodization process enhances the surface of the aluminum, resulting in a visually appealing and refined finish.These features contribute to the durability and long-lasting aesthetic appeal of the product.

Low-Cost Energy

LEDs are highly energy-efficient lighting technology, consuming less electricity compared to traditional bulbs. This efficiency leads to cost savings on energy bills and a longer operational lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. LEDs contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and waste generation. With their energy efficiency, cost savings, longevity, and environmental benefits, LEDs are a popular choice for lighting solutions.

Robust Geometry

The aluminum body of the product is designed to provide long-lasting rigidity. This ensures that the product maintains its structural integrity over the years, withstanding potential wear and tear. The components of the product are engineered to fit together seamlessly, without any noticeable gaps. This precise fit not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also contributes to the product's durability and functionality. The aluminum body guarantees long-term rigidity, while the precise fit of the components ensures a seamless and gap-free assembly. These features combine to offer a durable and well-constructed product.

UL Certificated Safe Design

All electronic components are UL certified, assuring their adherence to safety standards. The baseboard body is designed to manage LED heat effectively, while the driver component is sealed to safeguard against high voltage-related risks. These measures contribute to the safety, longevity, and optimal performance of the product.

Secure Packaging and Delivery

The company has a reliable packaging system that can withstand shipping and warehousing challenges. Customers need not worry about potential issues related to these processes. The packaging is designed to protect the product adequately during transit.

Climate Pledge Friendly

The product's packaging is specifically made from kraft paper, which is a sustainable and recyclable material. This choice ensures that the packaging can be easily recycled and reduces environmental impact.

Living Rooms

Every detail will add a style to your living areas but the Mox baseboards are more than a detail for all because that's unexpected.


Kitchens are tough and we know it. We know the cleaning part is not the easy part and whole models are designed for it.

Public Areas

Damages are the usual for a baseboard if it's full metal. Maintenance is not a thing to worry about.


Aluminum and the coating are resistant to water splashes. No more swollen wood parts.

Office Areas

Matte anodized color baseboards are the most significant sign for looking legit firm.

Precision is a Precious Experience.
Precision is a Precious Experience.
Precision is a Precious Experience.
Precision is a Precious Experience.
Precision is a Precious Experience.
Precision is a Precious Experience.